New Millennium Nuclear Technologies (NMNT) has a proven process approach to different types of radioactively contaminated bulk-building materials at nuclear facilities. NMNT has the expertise to provide successful solutions tailored to the radioactively contaminated sites' specific problems.

NMNT's proposed remediation system and approach uses an extraction process to leach cesium, actinides and transuranics from contaminated soils, concrete powders, and sludges with aqueous leaching solutions. The leachant is specifically matched with the substrate and the level of the contaminant. The system decontaminates soluble ions or insoluble metal oxides/salts tightly bound to the material. The first stage is dry screening to remove the oversize materials. Wet particle size classification is the second stage and depending on the distribution of contaminant metal/ radionuclide allowing sands and gravels to be cleaned from the soils fines requiring greater processing time. The leached metal/radionuclide component is organically extracted and regenerated by stripping the complexed contaminant with the aqueous stripping solution and running it through ion exchange columns under the appropriate conditions to recycle it. Major advantages of the leachant/extractant combination are site specificity and optimization, and the leachant and extractant are reusable.

The process is not specific for one metal but removes most metals, including lead, cadmium, zinc, copper and nickel. Insoluble metal sulphides are made soluble by a separate extraction step using specialized solubilizing chemicals.

Soil leaching neither increases nor decreases the soil volume; the soil is returned to the site and can be reused.

Key Benefits

  • Soil remediation is done with proven equipment.
  • Soil contamination levels are monitored continuously.
  • A minimum pH adjustment is necessary.
  • Only cleaned soil and concentrated metal/radionuclide are produced.
  • Soil is reusable.
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