New Millennium Nuclear Technologies' (NMNT) Radwaste Management & Decommissioning team specializes in establishing optimum process conditions for a wide variety of bulk materials in controlled environments where decontamination and decommissioning processes need to be optimized for cost and time efficiency.

NMNT is also successful in evaluating the options for bulk material treatment, including chemical stripping and filtration for the removal of particulate contamination, ion exchange, flocculation, chelation, co precipitation, and organic extraction for soluble contamination, with the use of re-circulating systems to minimize effluent arisings.

Through experience, NMNT has developed a low cost, turnkey capability for the treatment and disposal of radioactive wastes. The NMNT disposal process virtually eliminates any off-lease liabilities by characterization, segregation and encapsulating on site.

NMNT D&R has extensive experience in nuclear safety, estimating costs of dismantling versus maintenance costs, waste management costs, re-use of facilities, dependence on other facilities, licensing and availability of experienced staff.

Programs in radwaste treatment have included the following:

  • Developing and improving processes to decontaminate solids and to clean up liquid effluents.
  • Treating and immobilizing solid wastes in suitable matrices.
  • Investigating the properties of radioactive waste streams from decommissioning operations.
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