The following expressions of satisfaction from NMNTs clients are excerpted from letters and emails.

 “The TRUPRO?/sup> system has been demonstrated to function effectively and efficiently on both commercial and Federal remediation projects in many states.  Projects range from large (>1 acre), outdoor, snow-covered, muddy open-slab areas to deep, thick foundations (15?deep, 8? thick).  Sampling of in-situ pits of radioactive waste and waste drum sampling are other direct pending applications.  The general goal in all of these was to identify and confirm the extent and types of vertical “at-depth?contamination.  The end-use of this information can be used to both identify hidden “hot?areas of contamination requiring special worker protection or to confirm the absence of contaminants.  I strongly recommend use of NMNT’s TRUPRO?/sup> system.?Scott Altmayer, PE/Project Manager, Ashtabula, Ohio.


 “Thank you for your support on the University of Illinois research reactor characterization project.  The speed and easy of the TRUPRO?/sup>  technology and your willingness to work dynamically with our sampling needs was amazing.  When compared to traditional core boring, TRUPRO?/sup>  is not even in the same league.  The concrete samples you provided were high quality and ready for analysis in on-site instruments eliminating the usual time-consuming sample preparation.  I look forward to working with you in the future and once again taking advantage of TRUPRO?/sup>’s unique features.?Kevin E. Taylor, PE, CHP, Sr. Health Physicist, U of I Characterization Project Manager, Scientech.


 “I am writing to commend you and Mr. Grant Charters for the work you have performed on the Gateway Mill Site Characterization Project, which Carter & Burgess is conducting for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Mr. Charters worked incredibly hard, long hours in tough conditions during the two-week period without complaint. In summary, New Millennium Nuclear Technology exceeded my expectations in both the field and office portions of its assignments. I will gladly recommend New Millennium Nuclear Technology to any prospective client.? Craig R. Gander, Senior Project Manager, Carter and Burgess.


 ?/span>I would like to commend NMNT for the work done at the University of Illinois Nuclear Reactor Laboratory during the period of July 18-20, 2005. The flexibility of your drilling methods and rapid analysis were extremely valuable in assisting with our site characterization. I appreciate the "can do" attitude of your company and willingness to change course as our objectives became more defined by the immediate results. Thank you again. I would heartily recommend your company and its services to others. Richard L. Holm,  Reactor Administrator, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne, Department of Nuclear, Radiological and Plasma Engineering / College of Engineering.


?/span>This letter is a recommendation of the drill/sampling technology of NMNT. My experience with NMNT has been very successful. As a vendor to my organization, NMNT has provided their sampling technique as a service. The task was completed by NMNT with no radiological personal protective equipment, using only standard industrial safety gear. In so doing, the characterization helped save my organization approximately $500,000 by avoiding the cost of a fully-contained robotic demolition of the entombment that had been planned. I heartily recommend NMNT’s technique for the tough, hazardous, or otherwise demanding sampling jobs.? John T. Gill, Advisory Engineer / Fellow CH2M Hill Mound, Inc. Miamisburg, Ohio.


 “ADEQ approved the PBCDF LIC and DFS Surrogate Trial Burn data and reports on April 21, 2004.  Thanks to all of you who participated and provided the necessary components to make this a success.? Jesse J. Rocha, Trial Burn Coordinator, WGI ? PBCDF.


“I was very pleased with NMNT’s work in the Old Cave and will be happy to consider you again.?/span> Ken Armstrong, Program Manager, CH2M Hill Mound, Inc. Miamisburg, Ohio.


 ?/span>NMNT was contracted by PPG to validate the analytical data in the trial burn report. NMNT did a very good job in validating a very difficult and large set of data that that was generated from the trial burn. The checklists for the QA/QC requirements for each analytical method and deficiencies uncovered for each analytical procedure were very helpful.?Billy Salter, PPG, Team Leader, Louisiana.


 “The work was completed satisfactorily in a timely manner and was thorough. NMNT maintained excellent communication with us during the contracts.?i> Richard Hughes, TCEQ, Project Manager, Texas.



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